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  • Halo Suspension ProHormone

    Rapid Muscle Growth * Increased Strength * Muscle Hardening * Solid Pumps

    The primary ingredient in Halo Suspension is closely related to the oral anabolic steroid Turinabol. Turinabol was the drug of choice during East Germany’s secretive doping program and was largely responsible for the country’s total dominance of the Olympic Games.

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  • Demonize

    Demonize by Beast Biotech If you're looking for some of your best gains yet, you've found your answer! Demonize by Beast Biotech is a powerful DMZ compound with built in liver protection. With 16mg of pure, highly potent DMZ per capsule you can expect some serious strength and size gains!

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  • Spawn

    Beast Biotech Spawn Spawn by Beast Biotech is a triple stack prohormone monstrosity that will provide massive lean dry gains! You can not go wrong with Spawn. Did we mention that we added our Liver Shield to this product? Product Description CRAZY STRENGTH GAINS.. MASSIVE PUMPS.. EXTREME STRENGTH ROCK HARD SOLID GAINS 20 TO 25LB MUSCLE GAIN IN 4 WEEKS

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