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Dan Helgenberger is the owner and founder of Midwest Stength and Fitness Consultants.  Midwest Strength has been consulting strength athletes and wholesaling nutritional supplements for more than 25 years.  Dan is a former top ranked powerlifter with several national titles to his credit.  He also has a masters degree in exercise physiology as well a international experience in strength coaching.  He has coached power-lifters, bodybuilders, and other strength athletes for almost 3 decades.  His knowledge on nutritional supplementation is well documented.  Buy the best and strongest Androstene Prohormones from Midwest Strength. You can buy them via this prohormone website or call us.CLICK HERE TO BUY

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Dan Helgenberger 800 LB. Squat. Prohormones have helped Dan reach achieve these explosive results.

Please call Dan at 1-800-888-0328 for any questions about our products.

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